My Punctuation


I think I am an exclamation point because I have been told many times that I am loud (or at least that’s what the subtext was) and another thing is that I physically look like the exclamation point. The exclamation point is the tallest punctuation, and I’m also pretty tall. I also stand out a lot sometimes, and sometimes that’s maybe not the right thing to do, and I end up making someone yell. However, I think that there are some reasons I’m not an exclamation point.

I’m not at the end of most things (or at least I don’t like to be) which is what a punctuation mark sometimes does, but I’m not usually like that. I think I am also not always loud, and an exclamation point is ALWAYS LOUD. However, there can be some times that I am not loud

Daily Habits

The first daily habit we did was planking, and this was a kind of hard, but I got used to it. I was kind of disappointed when I only planked for like, 3 minutes, because I heard that last year, some people went for 30 minutes, but at the time, we had only gone up to 3 minutes. But overall it was a cool, fun experience.

My new daily habit is doing push ups, and it’s going good so far. I’m up to 10 push ups a day, and I’m going up around 2 every day because I found out push ups are a lot easier than I thought. At first I was going to do 1 up every day, but that is honestly way too easy, so I started doing more.

Something That Interests Me

Something that interests me is playing guitar. I haven’t played it that much lately, but I really like playing the guitar, and I have one for myself. A cool thing about different guitars is that a bunch of people “name” them. Like Brian May’s is the “Red Special”, and Billie Joe Armstrong’s is “Blue.” I just thought it was cool that they name it.
There are two top brands of guitars (in my opinion) and they’re Les Pauls and Stratocasters. Les Paul was a famous musician, and a music company named Gibson made him his own guitar called the Les Paul, and there have been many different variations. Stratocasters are named after the guy who invented them, Leo Stratocaster. They are both famous guitars that are both really good.

Wisdom Tales Comic

This is my comic. I really used a lot of layers for the frames, and I tried to do a pretty simple drawing style. For the first scene, I really wanted the temple to look good, so I looked up a few pictures and observed them carefully. After that, I really understood how to draw it and it turned out pretty good! Also, I tried to draw I traditional monk outfits on the two guys, and if you look closely, I drew the eyes on the philosopher different colors in the third frame, which was just a small touch I thought was cool.

What I Did During The Remote Week

This was my first week being remote, so it was kind of weird. I got used to it pretty quick, though. Overall, it all went pretty good. Here’s what my day usually was like:

  • I get up at 8:00 and go to math
  • in between my first couple classes, I rest and chill out
  • in between the late classes, I would do some homework, and then when I got out of my meetings at around 2:00, I would be done with around half my homework
  • then I would finish the rest at around 4:00
  • I would spend the last hour of my day doing something outside, and then at 5:00 I would do whatever I wanted

I think that this is a good, efficient system, and the one complaint I have is that I spend most of my on my iPad.

What I’m reading right now…

What I’m reading right now is a scintillating tale of a poor man who suffered from radioactive poisoning many years ago, and he is still trying to cope with it. After killing a vampire who feasts on the souls of his inter dimensional companions, who, by the way, are almost identical to him, he tries to rebuild his life after being possessed by a dangerous scientist. It’s called, Spider Man 4.

What I Notice

One thing I always notice are songs. Most of the time when listen to a song, I know exactly the name. But it’s not always like that. Usually, I don’t really notice that many things, which is why I chose music.

Example one is the song Collard Greens. As soon as the beat starts, I KNOW it’s Collard Greens. Now, this might happen to everyone, but let me give you another example. Another one is the song Who Knew. But now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure everyone can do this. But not as good as me, who is slightly better than everyone at it.

Fred The Dog

While browsing a website call Creative Commons, I came across this dog. This dog is one of the coolest dogs I’ve ever seen. I mean, just look at him! If I ever buy a dog, you know I’m going to go with Fred as fast as I can. That nose, though. Even the name… “Fred.” Fits perfect. This is the perfect specimen for a dog. (Also, let me know what dog breed he is, if you can tell.)

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